« Venus de Paris » is a manifest and a token of our time, a recognition and an affirmation.

The bronze sculpture personifies the familiar beauties of Paris
Gilding gold leaf expresses the value of their diversity.
The monolithic stainless steel base on which the Venus comes is a sociological expression of the evolution of Paris.
The set is 2 meters high – creation: 2019

Paris, background of an universal Venus


The « Venus de Paris » takes up the principle of the dress codes of its ancient sisters and their drapery.
Fashion have changed. Today pants have appeared in women’s outfits. The fact is recent and remarkable.

It is the result of an ongoing emancipation which is still at work and had to be included in the long history of women’s sculptural representations.The pants of Venus were molding her forms and her bodice waving in an air movement demonstrates the sensuality of her body.

The mild and regular facial features reveal African origins.

She lands on the floor. Light, it expresses a natural grace.

The monolith continues the cultural roots of the Venus of Greco-Roman antiquity to the
sociological anchoring of the history of Paris.

Paris is the result of multiple movements of people through centuries.
Populations have succeeded, initially visible and differentiated than uniting by generations.

The monolith is the artistic representation of this.

His Strata are exposed and separated on the upper layers. They sediment and merge
backwards in time like a scientific coring.

Venus and the monolith merge into an aerial meeting which demonstrated the phrase of instant.
The whole is the combination of past, present and future.



This project was born from an instinctive creation of a small figurine by the hands of Alice Elsner.
This artist dedicates all of her available time to artistic research.
It was in the context of one of her personal and silent quests that she developed it.

The name of the Venus of Paris and the demeanor in movement were clear from the first day.
Her identity was revealed as work progressed.
The base comes from the work of his son Felix Elsner, with whom she collaborates regularly.


After more than three years of development, research, modeling, molding,

The sculpture has been passed into the expert hands of master craftsmen of Paris and it’s region. Drawn in bronze, it was gilded with gold leaf in the Gohard workshops

The monolith is composed of 240 stainless steel plates. The inner plates have been polished to give the light unexpected opportunities for reflection.

the Venus de Paris will be able to be presented to the public.



The Venus de Paris is the artistic expression of a reflection on the notion of humanity.
France and Paris in particular remain on the international scale, the place where this notion, of important, became worth.
In these present times, uncertain and noisy of rapid upheavals of any kind, it is decisive to remember it.
The Venus of Paris is this symbolic representation.

This project is under development.
Following the completion of the first gold-plated bronze, completed in late April 2019, the current phase is the search for partners.
Next steps such as presentation to the public, production in ‘classical’ (architectural) format, production, etc., require additional resources and external resources.


The project of the  »Venus de Paris » is to be presented, exhibited and accessible to all.
To reach a diverse audience, many places are possible.
Its symbolical significance will be expressed through the eye of its visitors.
We are looking for indoor places in Paris where Venus could be exposed to the public.


The Venus was imagined, sculpted to be someday realized in monumental size.
A more sculptural dimension will allow him to express it’s fullest power and let the public to feel all the intricate emotions.
We are looking for partners interested in the realization of the Venus de Paris XL.

VENUS DE PARIS – original numbered

You want a numbered original of the sculpture in its current version, contact us by mail: contact (at) lavenusdeparis.fr


A reduced version, through the use of high technology 3D printing is in progress.
By being offered for sale, this model participated in the financing of the multiple axes of development of the Venus de Paris


You wish to help, participate or support the  »Venus de Paris » project, by a place to exhibate or for the XL size project
you would be interested in ordering a Venus size S
Contact us and send an email to : contact(at)lavenusdeparis.fr


The city of light Paris is a beacon in the history of culture. This place has inspired the creation of the Venus de Paris.

Today, models of Venus are everywhere in Paris streets and transports. They live and they are determined. They move towards interior horizons. They are beautiful as goddess.

Named Aphrodite by Greeks, she takes part in art history under the roman Venus name. She is the goddess of love and beauty.
With her classic workmanship, the “Venus de Paris” is the expression of this universal myth.

Until now this name sounded as an absolute representation of eternal feminine.
This eternal feminine has inspired artists since the beginning of time.
But Women have changed. Their representations too.

Paris is an emancipating city. They are much freer of their own stories. They now have their sensuality, as well as indefinable and multiple beauties. In their diversities these eternal feminines go back to African cradle of humanity.
The “Venus de Paris” had to echo it.

She is an allegory at the crossroads of a place, a culture and origins.
She is the link in tribute to each of them for their role and the contribution they made to history.

Rich of this heritage, the “Venus de Paris” is in action. She is a free and independent goddess.
She is an emancipated woman inscribed in the present. She’s ready to invent the future and to participate in the writing of her own story.

Thanks for making the Venus de Paris No. I
Franck Depoisier and Mecatwin, Strate École de design, la Fonderie d’Art Avangini, Alain Haddad, Les ateliers Gohard, Cognac Laser, Catherine Lenglet, Sarah Touitou, Richard Soares et Julie Léone, Digital Packaging, Ronan David, Marie Lou Elsner and her team, François Houlette, Jérémie Gautier, Vanessa Laboisne, Sipe Argenteuil